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If you have questions about the Yellowknife Guild of Arts and Crafts, please see below for answers to some of the most common questions received by our communications team.  Our communications team is always willing to field enquiries sent by email to if you need further information.


When do Guild memberships expire?
The Guild membership year runs from September 1 through August 31.  Adult full memberships and child memberships are valid from the date of purchase until the following August 31.  Casual memberships are valid from the date of purchase until the whichever comes first of the next November 30, February 28, May 31, or August 30.  Membership fees are not pro-rated based on the date of purchase and are non-refundable.

Why did the Guild change its membership year?
The Guild recently adjusted its membership year to better align with Guild class schedules which are primarily organized into fall and winter/spring sessions.  The new membership year of September 1 through August 31 is intended to avoid situations where memberships expire during class sessions.

How will pre-existing Guild memberships be transitioned from the former expiry date of March 31 to the new expiry date of August 31?
Adult full memberships purchased or renewed prior to the change in the Guild membership year remain valid until March 31, 2023.  When those memberships become due for renewal effective April 1, 2023, a transitional 5-month membership fee of $17 will be added to the annual membership fee, such that renewed memberships will be valid until August 31, 2024.

Classes and Workshops:

When does the Guild offer classes and workshops?

The Guild offers a variety of pottery and mixed media classes scheduled during fall, winter and spring sessions. The Guild also strives to host a least one multi-day workshop per year with visiting artists in each of pottery and a mixed media discipline.  Information on upcoming classes and workshops can be found on the Guild website and our Facebook page.

Is Guild membership required to take classes and workshops? 

Membership is required to participate in any Guild activity, including classes, workshops, open studios and more.  Membership fees are important to our ability to sustain general costs of Guild operation such as insurance and administrative expenses.  Our membership year runs from September 1 to August 31.  Various membership levels are available so be sure to review the registration options for classes and workshops in advance since registration may be limited by membership level.

When does registration for classes and workshops open?

The date on which registration for classes and workshops opens is always posted in the “classes” section of the Guild website.  The exact time on which registration opens varies for each class based on the start time of its first session.  Refer to the registration times chart and each class/workshop description for the exact time when its registration opens. 

How many people can I register for a Guild class or workshop?

Registration for all Guild classes and workshops is conducted online through the Guild website.  The registration system permits registration by current members only and each member can register only themself for a class or workshop.  Our classes and workshops are in high demand and this limitation provides everyone with equal opportunity to secure a spot. If you and a friend are trying to join a class or workshop together, you do need to register individually.

Why can’t I get into classes or workshops?

Guild classes and workshops are very popular and always in high demand so registration often sells out quickly.  In order to improve your chances at nabbing a spot, make sure that your membership is current in advance of registration.  The registration system will not permit registration without paid-up membership in a level appropriate to the class or workshop.  Classes and workshops open for registration at various times on the registration opening date, so refer to the registration time chart in the “classes” section on the Guild website so that you are ready to register as soon as your desired class or workshop goes live.

Does the Guild maintain a waitlist for classes and workshops?

The Guild maintains a waitlist for most classes and workshops.  Waitlist participation is a benefit of full annual adult or child membership and is not available under casual membership.  Each waitlist is specific to the particular class of workshop and does not extend to future sessions.  If a class or workshop is full and a waitlist is active, the registration system will offer the opportunity to join the list.  In the event that a spot becomes available, the system automatically offers it to the next person on the waitlist.

Are refunds available for class and workshop registrations?

Registration and materials fees for classes and workshops are non-refundable except in very limited circumstances.  Membership fees must be paid in advance of registration and are non-refundable even if a particular class or workshop is unavailable.  Acknowledgement of our refund policy is a condition of registration.

Can I transfer my class or workshop registration to another person?

Registrations for Guild classes and workshops cannot be transferred between students or between classes or workshops.

Pottery Open Studio and Studio Access:

What is the difference between scheduled pottery open studio and full pottery studio access?

Scheduled pottery open studio sessions operate on Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons under the supervision of an experienced potter who is available to answer questions, ensure that equipment is used safely, and assign studio chores. Members holding full studio access privileges can use the pottery studio whenever it is not in use for classes, workshops or other Guild events.  Full access privileges must be approved by the pottery rep to ensure that members possess the skills necessary to use available equipment and tools without supervision.

Other Questions:

Does the Guild offer private lessons?

The Guild does not offer private lessons for individuals.

How can I purchase pottery or other items made by Guild artists?

Many Guild artists offer their art product for sale at our Christmas and spring sales and at Fireweed Studio.  Some artists also accept commissions or sell through other venues.  Visit the “artists” section on the Guild website to see whether the artist has a profile including contact information.  If not, contact the Guild by email at rather than through Facebook Messenger.

How can I connect with a particular Guild artist?

Visit the “artists” section on the Guild website to see whether the artist has a profile including contact information.  If not, contact the Guild by email at rather than through Facebook Messenger.

How can I obtain or use a Guild gift certificate?

Guild gift certificates can be obtained by contacting the Guild by email at  Gift certificates can be used to purchase items at Guild sales and at Fireweed Studio. Due to limitations of our online registration system, gift certificates cannot be used for class or workshop registration.

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